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Chaos and Order

July 4th, 2019 at 08:10 pm

It's been a busy number of weeks recently, fraught with continuing chaos.

My career plans have suddenly taken a hard right with a few short-notice opportunities that presented themselves to me... But in the process, I've been on temporary orders all over the country recently resulting in very little time home with my family. I spent most of June in Hawaii for a stressful, sleep-depriving exercise, had 1 week home, and now I'm in Las Vegas for an intensive training course that'll take me through the end of July. After this course, I'll have 1 more week at home before I have to leave again, this time for a whopping 7 months out to South Carolina. In the background, I just today found out today that my next assignment will be taking us out to Idaho.

It's tough to be away from my family so much, especially knowing how much of a strain it is on my wife. Our boys, often too smart and willful for anyone's good, are often challenging to handle alone. But at the same time, this series of temporary assignments that have basically fallen into my lap are outstanding opportunities (both in & out of the military) for my otherwise generally average career prospects. We're working on options for mitigating the impact for her, including frequent Space-A travel, them going to live with her brother/SIL for a month or so, and maybe having a friend/family member come up to live with them for a little while.

A side effect of all of this travel on military orders meant that I had to cancel my airline ticket for a trip my family is taking in July to see DW's family. Some airlines are really good/understanding about such circumstances....I've discovered that is not so much the case with JetBlue. I've had to spar with them on the phone 5 times over the last week, spending 3-4 hours trying to get them to follow their company's policy to waive the $200 penalty.... After finally convincing them, now I'm just waiting for confirmation from them with the airfare credit (not a refund, unfortunately) that I'll somehow have to figure out how to use in the next year. What a pain.... Gratefully, I'll at least be able to drive up from Las Vegas to see my family & in-laws over an upcoming weekend.

The good news of it all is that we're finally at least getting some resolution about what's gonna be happening for our family in the coming year. With the news that we're headed to Idaho next, I can start with getting a pulse on where we'll want to live next (apparently the area is experiencing a boom), and I found a DPT program in the area that my wife should be able to apply for and finally pursue the career as a Physical Therapist that she's been wanting for years. So through the chaos, some degree of order and predictability is beginning to fall into place.

One last thought.... I was looking at things today, and discovered that we're officially millionaires! Details on the left, but alot of it is due to home equity and the bull market that has continually pushed our investments up.... So we'll see how long it lasts. But for now, I'll cheer the milestone.

1 Responses to “Chaos and Order”

  1. Dido Says:

    Congrats on reaching millionaire status! That must feel good—and getting there so young gives you lots of time for compounding, and/or the freedom to be able to take breaks from paid employment or have periods where one of you isn’t working for pay. Nice!

    All the moving and being away from your wife and children sounds stressful but it sounds like it will be bringing you to a good place.

    Glad you will be able to get away for a weekend to visit family while you are in Las Vegas.

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